Enter the fungi….

We are now in the time of year when various fungi begin popping up in the garden. We will see mushrooms in the lawn after lots of rain, and we may see “puff balls”, powdery mildews, grey molds, and stinkhorns. One organism that is common, annoying, and pretty much harmless, is Dog Vomit fungus. While […]

Unusually warm for February!

I believe this February has been the warmest one I can ever remember. Here in North Carolina, we have had many days in the 60’s and 70’s, and a couple of days at nearly 80 degrees! The cherry blossoms have been in bloom for weeks, the daffodils are running riot, and the buds on many […]

February Gardens

Besides being the best time of year to plant a new landscape garden, there are a few other tasks that are best performed in February. Weather is probably least predictable in February, but it is generally cold enough to maintain plant dormancy. Many plants respond best to pruning while they are dormant–roses, crepe myrtles, hollies, […]

Winter Gardening in North Carolina

We have a lot of [human] transplants here from other parts of the country, many of them from much farther north. One question I often hear from potential clients is “When is a good time to plant things here?” We are very fortunate to live in a fairly temperate climate where we have average high […]