Watch Your Vision Become Reality

Start creating your ideal outdoor space in Charlotte, NC

Do you have an idea for the perfect landscaping project to improve your home. If you want to put your plan into action, EarthArt Landscape Construction in Charlotte, NC can help you make it happen. Your dream garden will go from sketches on a page to a tangible reality right on your property. Schedule a consultation to give us your ideas, and we’ll take measurements and make an assessment of your property. We’ll give you a turnaround time for the proposed design and an estimate for the job.

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Start with a simple concept

Start with a simple concept

Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll help you put your concepts on paper. During our consultation, we’ll take into consideration:

  • Formal designs
  • Sketches
  • Lists of plants
  • Size of your property
  • Type of terrain
  • Your vision
  • Your budget

You can count on EarthArt Landscape Construction to create a exciting design for your landscape.